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The SS Edward Bellamy

The SS Edward Bellamy was a Liberty ship that was launched on April 14, 1943. How was this type of vessel used to support the war effort?…Read More

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Like Mother, Like Son

Edward Bellamy was said to be his mother’s favorite son following the death of his oldest brother, Packer, but his biographers describe her as stern and somewhat cold.  What do we know about their relationship, and about Maria Bellamy as a mother?…Read More

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Thinker, Writer, Father

We know a lot about Edward Bellamy’s worldview from his published works. But what about his personal life?

Family was an important influence on Bellamy and his writing. For example, his parents—a Baptist minister and the daughter of a Baptist minister—set the moral examples that he followed throughout his life. However, it was a different pair of relatives that had a more immediate impact on his best-known work. In an essay published in the Ladies’ Home Journal, Bellamy explained…Read More

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