The Edward Bellamy House is a Greek Revival style home located in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.  Built around 1840, it was most notably the home of 19th-century utopian novelist Edward Bellamy.  We are a small museum offering exhibits and collections centered around Edward Bellamy and his hometown’s history, and we invite you to explore!

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Edward Bellamy

The author of hundreds of editorials, twenty-three short stories, a three-volume newspaper, and six novels over the course of his twenty-seven-year career, Edward Bellamy (1850-1898) is best known for his utopian novel, Looking Backward…Learn More

A Look Backward

“A Look Backward” is our blog, dedicated to sharing stories from our collections. Read about some of the collections that we regularly draw on for information, photos, and exhibit content…Learn More

The House

The Edward Bellamy House was built about 1840 in the Greek Revival style for Harmon Rowley, a town selectman and local merchant. It was likely designed by Elias Carter, as the details match other houses of his design…Learn More