The Edward Bellamy House is a Greek Revival style home located in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.  Built around 1840, it was most notably the home of 19th-century utopian novelist Edward Bellamy.  We are a small museum offering exhibits and collections centered around Edward Bellamy and his hometown’s history, and we invite you to explore!

Edward Bellamy

The author of hundreds of editorials, twenty-three short stories, a three-volume newspaper, and six novels over the course of his twenty-seven-year career, Edward Bellamy (1850-1898) is best known for his utopian novel, Looking Backward…Learn More

A Look Backward

“A Look Backward” is our blog, dedicated to sharing stories from our collections. In our latest post, learn about 19th-century short stories…Learn More

The House

The Edward Bellamy House was built about 1840 in the Greek Revival style for Harmon Rowley, a town selectman and local merchant. It was likely designed by Elias Carter, as the details match other houses of his design…Learn More