Current Projects

Roof of the Bellamy House as seen from the rear of the property

As anyone who owns an old house knows, there’s always a project that needs to get done!  Besides developing an exhibit on the Hanifan family and the history of photography, our goals for the next year include a new roof and some much needed chimney repairs.  We are also working on new landscaping for the front yard.

Replacing the roof won’t be as simple as picking out new shingles.  While the back ells are covered in asphalt shingles, the main part of the Edward Bellamy House has a cedar roof.  Over time, the cedar shakes have warped and split.  In keeping with the period look of the house, we want to replace the cedar with cedar.  However, as it’s not as common of a roofing material as it once was, it can be difficult finding a roofer who has experience working with it.

The plan for the front yard is to liven up the spaces along the house with some historically appropriate plantings.  When the plantings go in will depend on the roof work, but we hope to have flowers blooming soon.